Farming and Rural Life in Radley

This project culminated in the publication of the book, Radley Farms and Families 1600-2011 published in 2011 and an exhibition in Radley Village Hall to launch the book in July 2011.

Three recordings were made in this series.

A.107 John Homewood
Interviewed in 2009
Peach Croft Farm
Material from the interview with John features on pages 179-182 of the book.

A.119 Bill Homewood
Interviewed 2010
Peach Croft Farm, Radley: Then and Now
Bill is John’s son and the current farm tenant
Recording restricted to Club use only
Material from the interview with Bill features on pages 182-184 of the book.

A.118 Ann Blake
Interviewed 2009
Memories of Dick Frearson
Dick was the tenant farmer at Lower Farm for many years starting in 1950
Recording is restricted to Club use only
Ann’s recollections of Dick’s farming life feature on pages 147-150 of the book.