Front cover of Radley History Club's book, 'The Changing Boundaries of Radley and Sunningwell Parishes'

The Changing Boundaries of Radley and Sunningwell Parishes

As effected by boundary changes at Abingdon, Bagley Wood, Chandlings, Kennington, Northcourt, St. Helen Without and South Hinksey
by Stanley Baker and Peter McWhirter
Published May 2014
ISBN 9780956863225
62 pages
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This book presents the results of research by Stanley Baker (retired archivist) and Peter McWhirter (retired physicist) on the changes to the boundaries of the parishes of Radley and Sunningwell. It was largely inspired by their interest in old maps, of which many reproductions are included in the book. The book describes the evolution over the centuries of the bounds of these two neighbouring villages.

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Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Legislative Documents
Chapter 3: Radley Parish Boundaries, including Bagley Wood, Chandlings and South Hinksey (part)
Chapter 4: Sunningwell Parish Boundaries
Chapter 5: Kennington Parish Boundaries
Chapter 6: Abingdon’s Expansion into the Parishes of Radley and Sunningwell
Chapter 7: Summary and Conclusions
Appendix: Legislation for Boundary Changes and the Enclosure of Land, 1538 to 1992 (a) General Legislation (b) Local Legislation