Book catalogue

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  • The History of Radley – presents the history of the area within the pre-1986 boundaries of the civil parish of Radley (now in Oxfordshire but formerly in Berkshire)
  • Radley Manor and Village: a thousand year story – traces the manor’s history from around the time of the Norman Conquest, when it was held by Abingdon Abbey, through the Stonhouse, Bowyer and Dockar-Drysdale families to the present day occupiers, Radley College. NEW

Radley postcards

A series of five colour postcards of Radley produced by the Club are on sale at Radley Village Shop (60p each or five for £2.50).

Books out of print

  • Radley Church and Parish – A Brief History
  • Radley Vicarage
  • Roads in and around Radley
  • From Colditz to Radley: The Story behind a Letter from Charles Lockett to his Wife
  • The Silvester Family of Sunningwell and Radley at The Smithy, The Bowyer Arms and Sugworth Farm