Publications by Robert Sephton

Note: These are the ones that Radley History Club is aware of – there may well be others.


  • A Brief Account of Oxford University Golf Club, published by Radley History Club, 2009*
  • S.P. Grundy (1880–1942) – a life of social service in Manchester and North Berkshire, 2009*
  • Bagley Wood District Nursing Association 1925–1948, 2008*
  • Bertrand and Alys Russell in Bagley Wood, 2007*
  • A Kennington Miscellany – some diverse events in its history, 2006*
  • Thomas Pratt is Shooting Rabbits in Bagley Wood – an account of a dispute with an Oxford College over rights of common in a Berkshire Wood, 2nd edition, 2005* (first published 2000)
  • William Seymour Blackstone (1809–1881) – a Wallingford MP*
  • The Oxford of J J Faulkner (1798–1857): grocer, chartist and temperance advocate, 2001*
  • The Leasing of City Farm, Garsington, Oxfordshire, 1750-1900, c.1997
  • Oxford and the General Strike 1926, 1993*


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  • ‘John Towle 1796-1885, maverick mayor of Oxford’, OLHA Journal, Vol. 5, No. 2, Winter 1997-8, pp. 18-28.†


Research report relating to ‘Halshanger’, Bagley Wood Road, Kennington, once owned by Bertrand Russell. Compiled and published for Kennington History Society, 2006. ##

* Copy held in RHC Books archive (see Archive catalogue)

† Scanned copy available to download as a PDF from the searchable index of all past OLHA journal articles on the OLHA website (

# Copy held in RHC archives at D.120(ii)

## Copy held in RHC archives at D.88