Radley History Club logo Radley People and the Railway 1843 to 2013
Exhibition about the railway in Radley, its history, the people who used it and the people who worked on it
Richard Tolley opens the exhibition watched by Eric Blanks and Christine Wootton

The exhibition on Saturday 2nd November and Sunday 3rd November 2013 in Radley Village Hall was officially opened by Richard Tolley, a former engine driver on the branch line from Radley to Abingdon (affectionately known as 'The Bunk') who blew his whistle and waved his green flag in the railway's traditional signal.

Over 300 people visited the exhibition to learn more about how the railway impacted on Radley, its history and the stations at Radley and Abingdon. They were also able to enjoy refreshments provided by Radley WI and to buy a copy of the Club's new book, Radley People & the Railway 1843-2013, written by Club chairman Christine Wootton with contributions from members and others.

Floral display - Steam's Up by Maureen Cook
Left: Richard Tolley opens the exhibition watched by Eric Blanks and Christine Wootton
Right: 'Steam's Up' by Maureen Cook
The displays were put together by Club members, Rita and Brian Ford. The collection of railway memorabilia included the 'Radley' nameplate normally on show at the shop at Radley College.
Collection of railway memorabilia by Brian Ford Radley nameplate
A highlight of the exhibition was the working model of the Abingdon Branch layout built and operated by members of Abingdon and District Model Railway Club. The model shows what Abingdon station looked like before it closed to passenger traffic in 1963 and before Waitrose arrived.
Close-up of Abingdon Branch model Abingdon Branch layout model
The exhibition was based primarily on photographs and other material from its archives, members and local railway enthusiasts. One series of photographs showed the impressive array of buildings at Radley Station in 1957 - now all long since gone - and another the stages in the replacement of the bridge over the railway carrying the road to Lower Radley in November 1983.
Radley and the railway montage Photographs of Radley Station in 1957 Photographs of the bridge replacement in November 1983
Visitors were greeted by a team of Club members dressed for the part - from left to right: Eric Blanks (stationmaster), Brian Ford (porter), Tony Rogerson (engine driver) and Denis Standen (Isambard Kingdom Brunel).
Exhibition stewards in character

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