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Current project
Work has begun on a collaborative project with the archivist at Radley College under the working title 'Radley Manor and Village'. The aim is to explore the interaction of the village with the manor starting with Abingdon Abbey's lordship of Radley manor and ending with Radley College's occupation of the seat of the manor.

Most recent project
This was an in-depth study of the Church of St James the Great, Radley – the buildings, churchyards, and the key people and their roles over the centuries. The project culminated in an exhibition in the church on 1-2 October 2016 and a book, St James the Great, Radley: The Story of a Village Church, which details its findings.

The research complements the Club's earlier study of Radley Vicarage in 2004 with Oxfordshire Buildings Record and extended the brief history of the Church given in the now out-of-print Radley Church and Parish first published in 2007. Details of the Church's stained glass windows are given in Faith and Heraldry by Patrick Drysdale published in 2011.


Past projects

Selection of CDs and DVDs produced by Radley History Club
  • Radley and the Railway since its beginnings in the 1840s and the now defunct branch line to Abingdon (The Bunk) – the climax of the project was an exhibition in Radley Village Hall on 2/3 November 2013 and the publication of a book, Radley People & the Railway 1843-2013
  • Roads in Radley – a short project to produce an illustrated book, Roads in and around Radley, outlining the origins of the names of the roads in Radley
  • The History of Radley – production of an authoritative guide to the history of the village from ancient times to the 20th century
  • Millennium Map – the first major project undertaken by Radley History Club involved the production of an annotated full colour map (27 x 19 inches) highlighting the historical aspects of the parish to be seen in 2000. The map is also available as a postcard.

Oral history

  • Radley Remembered – a series of interviews with people with memories of Radley up to and including the 1953 Coronation.
  • A Tale to Tell – interviews with people who live or have lived in Radley with interesting tales to tell about their lives.
  • Recordings have also been made as part of the 'Radley Primary School' and the 'Farming and Rural Life in Radley' projects.

Discs of interviews in the ‘Radley Remembered’ and ‘Tale to Tell’ series will generally be available on request from the archivist, price £5.  

CD of interview with David Buckle of Radley about his life in the marines





DVD of Club visit to Wick Hall, Radley,  on 16th July 2007
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