Radley History Club logo Officers and Committee 2019-2020
Chairman Richard Dudding
Tel: 01235 520611
Email: chairman@radleyhistoryclub.org.uk
Vice-chairman and
Membership Secretary
Joyce Huddleston
Tel: 01235 52486
Email: membership@radleyhistoryclub.org.uk
Treasurer Charlie Milward
Tel: 01235 530611
Email: treasurer@radleyhistoryclub.org.uk
Programme Secretary Jenny Lee
Tel: 01235 799374
Email: programme@radleyhistoryclub.org.uk
Committee secretary Sally Hemsworth
Other committee members David Findlay
  Nicholas Lawrence
  Harriet Moggridge
Archivist Richard Dudding
Tel: 01235 520611
Email: archives@radleyhistoryclub.org.uk


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