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Radley History Club is fortunate to have an extensive collection of transcriptions into understandable English of the wills of various Radley people who lived between the mid-16th century and the second half of the 19th century.

All the transcriptions are by the late Stanley Baker from photocopies of the original documents housed in the Berkshire Record Office or The National Archives. Stanley was the Club’s archivist for most of its first 20 years.

The text of many of the original documents is in the coded version of Latin used at the time they were written for documents such as wills. The documents themselves are difficult to decipher, being in the unfamiliar handwriting of the time, often faded and faint, and sometimes with bits of the parchment missing.

The transcripts are available in electronic format on request from the RHC archivist.
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The will transcripts are listed by date and in alphabetical order by surname.

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