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This series of interviews on CD or DVD features people who live or lived in Radley with interesting tales to tell about their lives.
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My Acquaintance with G.B.S. – A True Story of a Year and a Day of my Life, by Stanley Baker. Double CD set A.93
The Baker Brothers of Radley, consisting of:
(i) Ashmore School Pantomime, 1933 by Maurice Baker, December 1994. 21 minutes 21 seconds.
(ii) My Experiences as an Archivist by Stanley Baker, September 2000. 20 minutes 37 seconds.
My Life as it Happened and much, much more, by Bill Small of Radley, November 2002. 79 minutes approx. A.95
Frank Jones of 49 Church Road, Radley, interviewed by Tony Rogerson, 4 March 2005. 35 minutes 18 seconds. Restricted use - RHC only until 4 March 2025. A.96
From Bletchley Park to Radley by Morfa Pope and her daughter Judy Harris, interviewed by Tony Rogerson, 11 April 2005. 43 minutes 2 seconds. A.97
Life in the Marines by David Buckle, interviewed by Eric Blanks, 4 July 2005. 41 minutes 26 seconds. A.98
Joint Voices on a Varied Life by Martin and Sylvia Wilson, interviewed by Tony Rogerson, 8 July 2005. 56 minutes 58 seconds. A.99
My Working Life at Harwell by Bryan Patrick, interviewed by Ann Blake, 13 July 2005. 55 minutes 20 seconds. A.100
A Clerk’s Tale by Sally Raven, Clerk of the Radley Parish Council, interviewed by Ann Blake, 16 August 2005. 20 minutes 6 seconds. A.101
The Building of the New Village Hall in Radley by Alan Clark, interviewed by Eric Blanks, 18 October 2005. 10 minutes approx. A.102
Radley Primary School by Radka Benton, Headteacher, interviewed by John Homewood, 19 October 2005. 25 minutes 35 seconds. A.103
From Radio to Radley by Eric and Mary Blanks, interviewed by Tony Rogerson, 31 October 2005. 58 minutes 14 seconds. A.104
Eddie and Carol Cavanagh at the Bowyer Arms, Radley by Eddie and Carol Cavanagh, interviewed by Tony Rogerson, 23 November 2005. 46 minutes 46 seconds. A.105
A Lancashire Childhood by Dot Hewlett, interviewed by Tony Rogerson, 13 February 2006. 53 minutes 52 seconds. A.106
Farming and Rural Life in Radley - Peach Croft Farm by John Homewood, interviewed by Tony Rogerson, 4 November 2009. 55 minutes 16 seconds. A.107
Douglas Rawlinson at Home by Doug Rawlinson, interviewed by Eric Blanks, 23 February 2006. 42 minutes 30 seconds. A.108
A Policeman’s (and his Wife’s) by Brian and Valerie Mott, interviewed by Tony Rogerson, 24 February 2006. 57 minutes 14 seconds. A.109
From London to Radley by Eric and Joy Riley, interviewed by Tony Rogerson, 13 March 2006. 55 minutes 13 seconds. A.110
A Very Full and Worthwhile Life by Tom and Ida Garrud, interviewed by Tony Rogerson, 27 June 2006. 62 minutes 32 seconds. A.111
Salad Days in Oxford by Denis and Jenny Standen, interviewed by Tony Rogerson, 18 July and 18 October 2006. 71 minutes 19 seconds. A.112
A life in and on a Tandem by Christine Usherwood, 7 April 2006. A.113
Paddy Docker-Drysdale A.114
Frances Shepherd of Thrupp Cottages A.115
Dennis Carter - Abingdon bunk line driver, interviewed by Tony Rogerson, 18 July 2007 A.116
A Lifetime in Cricket by Bert Robinson (aged 90), former cricket coach at Radley College, and his wife Doris (aged 87), interviewed by Tony Rogerson, 8 October 2007. 44 minutes 29 seconds. A.117
Rural Life and Farming in Radley - Memories of Dick Frearson, by Ann Blake, interviewed by Tony Rogerson, 29 September 2009. 50 minutes 37 seconds. Restricted use. A.118
Farming and Rural Life in Radley - Peach Croft Farm, Radley, Then and Now, by Bill Homewood, interviewed by Tony Rogerson, 9 September 2010. 34 minutes 26 seconds. A.119
Lorre Stebbings, interviewed by Tony Rogerson, 14 May 2012. 33 minutes 18 seconds. A.120
David Beckett, interviewed by Richard Dudding, 20 June 2012. 54 minutes 17 seconds. A.121
Barbara Wootton, interviewed by Richard Dudding, 26 June 2012. 17 minutes 42 seconds. A.122
Air Commodore Bob Martin, interviewed by Christine Wootton, 17 July 2012. 35 minutes 34 seconds. A.123
Combat Experience: Normandy to Germany, by John Nicholson, interviewed by Tony Rogerson, 4 October 2012. 46 minutes 31 seconds. A.124
My Interest in Railways, My Work in a Bank and my Retirement, by Peter Heath. Interviewed by Christine Wootton, 9 October 2012. 10 minutes 31 seconds. A.125
Music, Jobs and an earlier Village Shop, by Tony Fisher, interviewed by Richard Dudding, 30 October 2012. 18 minutes 10 seconds. A.126
From Lancashire to Lower Farm, by Ann Blake, interviewed by Richard Dudding, 10 January 2013. 39 minutes 43 seconds. A.127
Teaching and Family History, by Jenny Lee, interviewed by Richard Dudding, 4 February 2013. 27 minutes 10 seconds. A.128
Radley and Rail, by David Lloyd, interviewed by Richard Dudding, 1 March 2013. 40 minutes 41 seconds. A.129
A Full Life Indeed, by Sandy and Audrey Fowlie, interviewed by Tony Rogerson, 16 April 2013. 33 minutes 20 seconds. A.130
A Cowley Upbringing, by Sally Hemsworth, interviewed by Ann Blake, 8 April 2013. 18 minutes 48 seconds. A.131
A Radley Stationmaster’s Son, by Don Jones, interviewed by Ann Blake, 18 January 2013. 24 minutes 27 seconds. A.132
Nazi Germany, Israel and England, by Amatsia Kashti, interviewed by Tony Rogerson, 11 April 2013. 52 minutes 56 seconds. A.133
35 Years as Head Chef in Lincoln College, by Jim Murden, interviewed by Tony Rogerson, 16 January 2013. 38 minutes 32 seconds. A.134
A Yorkshire Lad, by Gordon Sellars, interviewed by Christine Wootton, 20 June 2013. 35 minutes 56 seconds. A.135
A Scouser Comes South, by Bill Shaw, interviewed by Tony Rogerson, 19 July 2013. 56 minutes 41 seconds. A.136
Different Paths to Radley, by Eric Davies and Kayla Tomlinson, interviewed by Tony Rogerson, 17 January 2013. 41 minutes 49 seconds. A.137
Oxford Childhood in the 1930s and 1940s, by Margaret Higgs and Iris Lancaster, interviewed by Tony Rogerson, 4 December 2013. 51 minutes 6 seconds. A.138
A History Enthusiasts history, by Christine Wootton (Radley History Club Chairman), interviewed by Tony Rogerson, 19 December 2013. 53 minutes 28 seconds. A.139
Not just a Sunday Job!, by Revd Pam McKellen, interviewed by Tony Rogerson, 27 November 2012. 30 minutes 45 seconds. A.140
Harwell, MBE and Silver, by John Huddleston, interviewed by Richard Dudding, 24 February 2014. 29 minutes 1 seconds. A.141
A Life in Science, by Joyce Huddleston, interviewed by Tony Rogerson, 28 February 2014. 49 minutes 15 seconds. A.142
Saviours of Radley Lakes, by Lynda and Basil Crowley, interviewed by Tony Rogerson, 17 September 2014. 57 minutes 24 seconds. A.143
A life of service to the RAF and the Church, by Tony Rogerson, interviewed by Christine Wootton, 24 September 2014. 32 minutes 51 seconds. A.144
Love, life and football, by Sue & Dick Crabb, interviewed by Eric Blanks, 26 March 2014. 21 minutes 50 seconds. A.145
CERN, WHO and the Higgs Boson, by Tony and Sue Gillman, interviewed by Tony Rogerson, 7 August 2014. 50 minutes 36 seconds. A.146
Reg White, interviewed by Tony Gillman, 31 January 2017. 45 minutes 59 seconds. A.147

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