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Series M Maps

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M.1 Copy of Map of Oxford - Ecclesiastical and Academical, A.D. 1440 (Presented by Margaret Lovell).
M.2 (a) Map of the boundaries of Radley Ecclesiastical Parish (supplied by the Oxford Diocesan Office, June 2003).
(b) Copy of map of Kennington Ecclesiastical Parish (supplied by the Oxford Diocesan Office, March 2015). See also Document D.206 (b)(iii)]
M.3 Copy of map in 1983/4 edition of Abingdon Who’s Who, showing Abingdon boundary extension and area taken from Radley.
M.4 Map of Radley Parish boundaries as at 1992, compiled from Ordnance Survey Pathfinder Map, 1/25000.
M.5 Extract from 1’ Ordnance Survey Map, 1830, of the Radley Area (railways were added to the map in October 1891).
M.6 Ordnance Survey Map of Radley, 1938. Scale 1:10,560 (reduced).
M.7 Map referred to in the Sale Catalogue of the Radley Hall Estate, 2nd July 1889.
(Tracing of the original map, presented by Patricia Groser, together with a print taken from the tracing).
M.8 25’ Ordnance Survey Maps presented by Dennis Tyler:
(i) Sheet Berks VI.15, Revision of 1936, showing Sugworth Lane area of Radley.
(ii) Sheet SP5000-5100, 1970, showing Sugworth Lane area of Radley.
M.9 Map of property in Sugworth Lane, Radley, copied from map attached to an Abstract of Title dated 3rd December 1900. Presented by Stephen King of Field House, Sugworth Lane, Radley.
M.10 (i) Map of Radley Parish Boundaries marked on 6’ Ordnance Survey Maps 1910 and 1922, showing the boundary before the creation of Kennington as a separate parish in 1936. Also a spare set of unmarked Maps.
  (ii) Map of Radley Parish Boundaries as above, on a reduced scale.
M.11 (i) Copy of the Kennington Enclosure Map 1803.
(ii) Copy of the Kennington Tithe Map 1862.
(iii) Copy of Kennington Estate Sale Plan 1913.
(These three maps have been printed from a compact disc copied from a CD owned by Roger Gelder.)
M.12 Map (modern O.S.) on which has been drawn the boundaries of the Parish of Kennington as created in 1936 out of Radley and South Hinksey. (Presented by George Ross, Chairman of Kennington History Society.)
M.13 Copy of Kennington Village Map, included in the Kennington Village Plan published by Kennington Parish Council in 1972. (Presented by Robert Sephton).
M.14 Maps presented by Jennie Deane as follows:
(i) 25’ Ordnance Survey Map, Revision of 1936, Sheet No. Berkshire VI.11, Oxfordshire Sheet No. XXXIX. 11 (Bagley Wood and Kennington).
(ii) 25’ Ordnance Survey Map, 1933 Edition, Sheet No. Berkshire X.4, Oxfordshire XLV.4 (Lower Radley, Nuneham Park etc.).
(iii) 25’ Ordnance Survey Map, 1933 Edition, Sheet No. Berkshire X.7, Oxfordshire XLV.7 (Wick Hall, Thrupp etc.).
(iv) Map entitled Wick Hall Estate Limited, Lower, Pumney and Neat Home Farms, Radley, with an endorsement by John Thornton,
Franklin and Jones, Frewin Court, Oxford. Scale 1:2500. Dated 1.10.03. Mauve edging to fields. (Based on 25’ O.S. Map).
(v) Map showing Park Farm and area to north towards Kennington, based on 25’ O.S. Map (1930s).
(vi) Part of 25’ Ordnance Survey Map, Berkshire Sheet No. VI.15, showiing Radley College (part), Sugworth Lane (part) and Radley Large Wood (part). 1930s.
M.15 Extract from the 25’ Ordnance Survey Map, 1933, of the Thrupp area of Radley.
M.16 Extract from the Tithe Map of Radley of c.1850, showing the part of Lower Radley covered by Rita Ford’s Historical Tour of 11 July 2005. (See DVD D.1 for a recording of the tour).
M.17   (i) Extracts from John Rocque’s Map of Berkshire, 1760, of the Oxford, Radley and Abingdon areas. (Presented by Peter McWhirter, March 2007).
(ii) Another extract from the above map on an enlarged scale. (Presented by Brian Ford, February 2007).
M.18 Plan of the Wick Hall Estate for sale 16th July 1930. (Colours inserted by Brian Ford, March 2007.) (For Sale Catalogue see Documents D.46.)
M.19 Radley Station Track Plan 1953. Photocopied from a document lent by Mr M.J. Portsmouth, May 2007.
M.20 Extract (on a reduced scale) from the 25’ Ordnance Survey Map 1875 showing part of Radley in the vicinity of the Bowyer Arms. Presented by Stanley Baker, September 2007.
M.21 Cassini Historical Map of Oxford, Popular Edition 1919, including Abingdon, Bicester, Chipping Norton, Kidlington and Witney. Ordnance Survey 1:50,000. Presented by Robert Sephton, February 2008.
M.22 Print of Map of Medieval Oxford by H. W. Brewer, 1520, printed in The Builder, 11th July 1924. Presented by Dennis Tyler, 2005.
M.23 16 Aerial Maps compiled by the Ordnance Survey from photographs taken by the R.A.F. in August 1947 and converted to an approximate scale of 6’ to the mile, and published on double A3 sheets; the maps cover Abingdon, Bagley Wood, Bessels Leigh, Boar’s Hill, Chawley, Clifton Hampden, Cothill, Cowley, Cumnor, Dry Sandford, Foxcombe Hill, Iffley, Kennington, Littlemore, Marcham, Nuneham Courtenay, Radley, Sandford-on-Thames, Shippon, South Hinksey, Sunningwell, Wootton. These maps have been deposited on long loan by Peter McWhirter and remain his property.
M.24 Map (modern) of site of Radley C.E. Primary School, based on Ordnance Survey Map.
M.25 Photocopy of Sketch Map printed in The History of Radley College 1847-1947 by A.K. Boyd, showing the acreages and dates of acquisition of land owned by the College in 1947.
M.26 Maps presented by Doug Rawlinson, 2005, as follows:
(i) Copy of Ordnance Survey Map of the Parish of Radley, showing Public Footpaths.
(ii) Copy of Ordnance Survey Map of Radley showing parish boundary after the building of the Peachcroft Estate.
(iii) Nature Conservation Strategy for Oxfordshire, Parish Conservation Register, Radley Parish. c.1998.
(iv) Radley Parish Land Use, September 1998.
(v) Copy of Sketch Plan entitled Disposal Lakes at Radley and endorsed ‘Taken from Didcot Drawing 31/08/63299’.
M.27 Photocopy of the Plan annexed to the Northcourt Inclosure Award, 1841. Presented by Brian and Rita Ford, December 2009. (For a copy of the Award and Map and a transcription of the Award, see Documents D.202. For a Compact Disc of the Transcription, see Compact Discs, C.2.51).
M.28 Map, based on the Ordnance Survey Map of 1875, showing the boundaries of Northcourt Parish, and part of Sunningwell Parish and a detached part of St. Nicholas Parish. Compiled and presented by Peter McWhirter, December 2009.
M.29 (i) Photocopy of the Abingdon St Helen and St Nicholas Enclosure Map 1842. Also enlarged copy of the map on two A3 sheets. Presented by Brian and Rita Ford.
(ii) Photocopy of the Abingdon St Helen and St Nicholas Supplemental Enclosure Map, 1843.  (Presented by Stanley Baker)
(For copies of the Awards and Transcriptions and further copies of the Maps see Documents D.201. For a CD of the Transcriptions, see Compact Discs, C.2.50).
M.30 Two extracts from Map No.1 referred to in the Berkshire Review Order 1934, showing alterations to the boundaries of (inter alia) Abingdon and Radley. Presented by Peter McWhirter. For a photocopy of the above Order, see Documents D.206.
M.31 Sunningwell Tithe Map 1841. (Copied from CD supplied to Peter McWhirter by The National Archives).
M.32 Radley Tithe Apportionment Map 1849 (including Kennington) assembled from the six sections of the digital images of the map purchased from The National Archives. (For a CD of the map see Compact Discs C.2.58)
M.33 Assembled copy of the Bagley Wood Enclosure Map 1856, Map B. (For a facsimile copy and transcription of the Award, and copies of Maps A and B, see Documents D.217. For a CD of the transcription and maps, see Compact Discs C.2.56 and for a DVD of the combined sections of the map, both complete and cropped, presented by Richard Dudding in January 2012, see DVD 24).
M.34 Six inch Ordnance Survey Map of Abingdon, Edition of 1912, Sheet No. Berkshire X.6, Oxfordshire XLV.6. Presented by Stanley Baker, June 2011.
M.35 25 inch Ordnance Survey Map 1875 edition, Berkshire Sheet X.3, showing parishes of Radley (part) and St. Helen (part). Presented by John Leighfield, November 2011.
M.36 (i) Map of Abingdon-on-Thames (in two sections) showing the town boundary (incomplete) and  street names. Published by Abingdon Town Council. Printed by the Abbey Press, Abingdon. 1996.
(ii) Street Plan of Abingdon-on-Thames showing the borough boundary (c. 1970). Based on the Ordnance Survey Map. Presented by Brian and Rita Ford, April 2012          
M.37 Photocopy of the Abingdon, Radley and Sunningwell part of the Ordnance Survey Map 1830. Presented by Joan Gibbs, April 2012
M.38 Berkshire Maps. See CD C.2.74.
M.39 Reprint by David and Charles of the first edition of the one inch Ordnance Survey Map 1830, Sheet No. 70 Oxford (Reading). Presented by Stanley Baker, May 2014.
M.40 Coloured map entitled The Parish of Radley near Abingdon Oxfordshire in Year 2000. Artwork by Hilary Frisby. Published by Radley History Club in 2000 to celebrate the Millennium. See also a postcard of this map at Documents D.256
(i) Original artwork
(ii) Copy (one of 1,000 printed by RHC)
M.41 Copies of two original plans of Radley Station [1873] (Great Western Railway) on the Oxford/Didcot Line. Scale 4mm = 1 foot. Donated by David Price, January 2015.
M.42 Oxford City parishes c.1900, Oxfordshire Family History Society
M.43 1:2,500 OS map of the east side of Abingdon, date uncertain but c.1900
M.44 Map showing land between Lower Radley and Sandford Lane which was the subject of an unsuccessful planning application in 1991 for a golf course
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